Supply Teachers To Get 3.5% Pay Rise

Supply teachers to get 3.5% pay increase

Supply teachers working with The Supply Register received the welcome news that all scales up to UPS1 will get the 3.5% pay rise recommended by the School Teachers Review Body (STRB).

The Supply Register, which is backed by the NASUWT, says it will pay the increase to demonstrate its commitment to supporting hard working and dedicated supply teachers, helping them secure better pay.

Baljinder Kuller, who heads up the organisation, told NASUWT members the news at the Supply Teachers Consultation Seminar, held in Birmingham.

He said: “We have applied the 3.5% increase for all main scale teachers all the way up to UPS1. We have applied that rise because we value the work that all teachers do.”

He outlined how TSR is growing in popularity among teachers and schools and is getting more and more national coverage with academy chains, local authorities and many more schools signing up.

Mr Kuller was providing information to members about the work of TSR which is getting a better deal for supply teachers and schools but charging substantially less than profiteering agencies.

Out of a total of £1.1 billion spent on supply teachers by maintained schools and academies last year, just 31% was allocated to supply teachers’ pay.

The NASUWT believes the Supply Register can save schools money and provide a more ethical employment for supply teachers who are often exploited by agencies which wield enormous power over staff and schools.

The organisation pays 90% of a teacher’s salary to short term supply teachers. Those working more than ten consecutive days at the same school are paid 100%. Both rates are capped at UPS1.

Speaking at the Seminar, NASUWT Deputy General Secretary Dr Patrick Roach said: “Our collaboration with the Supply Register does something that the Government is unwilling to do – it sets clear standards about how teachers should be paid.

“The Supply Register is a potential game-changer – challenging agencies to show their commitment to supply teachers by committing to the TSR’s standards on pay and conditions.”


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